About Us

 Beutler Middle School consists of grades 6, 7 and 8 and has an enrollment of about 200 students.  20 adults make up the faculty and staff with 7 of the teachers shared faculty members with West Side High School.  The school mascot is the pirate and its colors are maroon and gold.

Our campus shares the building with the district office and high school fine arts classes.  It is a new facility that includes a classy new library and community center. 

Each student is issued an iPad to use during the school year and is expected to bring it to each class.  Teachers work hard to integrate traditional teaching with innovative technological adaptations.  Students are expected to apply their own creativity to enhance their learning and progress. 

The motto of Beutler Middle School is “Make improvements, not excuses.  Seek respect, not attention.”   BMS is a great place to be!



Beutler Middle School
626 N Westside Hwy.
Dayton, ID 83232

Head Teacher
Julie Nash

Susan Doney


school motto

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