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Registration for the Fall 2020 Class has ended

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Winter 2021 Driver Education Information

More information will be posted in December.

Please keep watching this web page for additional updates and how to register.

Please Note: Driver Education is open registration beginning on the registration date (TBD). The class roster can fill quickly. Registration is first received, first registered, and will close when the class is full.

To be eligible to enroll, students must not have failing grades for current or previous terms. Grades will be checked when registering. In addition, you will need an official state-issued birth certificate to obtain a driver’s permit. 

For full-time students, the cost of this class is covered by the Idaho Advanced Opportunities Credit. To be eligible for the credit, the state of Idaho requires students to be enrolled in a full load of regular classes. The class is worth one elective credit at West Side High School. There is a separate charge of $21.50 payable at the DMV for the permit. 

Information for current enrolled Fall 2020 Students: 

STEP C – September 14th through September 17th:
Permit Registration at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. The cost for the permit is $21.50 payable to the Franklin County Sheriff. You will need the following with you when you go:

  1. Official state-issued birth certificate (see below) for your student
  2. Photo identification for the parent
  3. Student Photo ID (activity) card, a yearbook with photo, or other student ID
  4. Student’s social security card
  5. The Verification of Enrollment form Mr. Adams gave you when you turned in your registration papers.

Also at the sheriff’s office, you will receive a paper verifying that you have purchased the permitDON’T LOSE THIS PAPER - It must be brought to the first class or the state requires they are dropped from Driver Education.

STEP D: September 25th 8:00 am:
The first day of class, students need to bring:
A: Permit Paperwork they received from the DMV
B: Idaho Driver Manual (if received from the DMV) and paper/pen to every class. 

Class will be held in Mr. Adams classroom in the Beutler Middle School Building. Class begins at 8:00 am and will end at 10:30 am. Parents may pick their students up at that time. 


I anticipate this class should be complete in early December. On some occasions, vehicle issues, illness, or poor weather could cause drives or classes to be delayed/rescheduled. Also, changing conditions due to Covid-19 and health department regulations can affect all schedules and plans.

Driver Education is offered as a public service by the West Side School District. The school is not required to provide this service. 

If you have any questions, please contact Brent Adams at


 Sports Conflicts--- 

What if this driver education class conflicts with sports? Should I take the class now or wait for a later time?

Ultimately, the parents/guardians and student will need to decide what is priority for them. Later classes may be more difficult to register for or different scheduling conflicts may arise. Each season presents a variety of schedule issues, either due to fall sports (Football, Volleyball, Cross Country), winter sports (basketball, wrestling), or spring sports (Track, Softball). Even summers have scheduling issues with sport camps, church camps, scouting, and vacations. 

Often, doing both driver education and sports works okay if the students communicate with coaches, keeping them informed of schedules. Coaches may need to allow a missed practice once a week, and in turn, driver education will not schedule a drive that conflicts with sporting events.

The State of Idaho has written into state law the requirements for time spent taking driver education. Minimum hours must be met before students can pass driver education. Some flexibility is available regarding scheduled driving time, as drive times can be traded with other students to accommodate sporting events. Classes are not possible to reschedule.  

In many cases, making things work now and completing driver education during the 9th grade year is the best option to prevent interruptions with jobs and sports later on. 

Birth Certificates--- 

Will a hospital crib card or a hospital issued certificate work for the required birth certificate? How can I get a copy of the official birth certificate? 

There have been some issues in getting permits on time in previous classes due to some confusion regarding the state issued birth certificate. The DMV will not accept any different forms of identification, including hospital forms, “crib cards”, or other verification of live births. It must be an official certificate issued by the state. If you need to order your certificate, I have included links to state agencies that can send you the certificate. Normal delivery can take 2 or 3 weeks. There is expedited/rush delivery available for both for an extra charge.

For the state of Idaho:

For the state of Utah:



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